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Surprising our SUBSCRIBER with his DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation): 2014 Subaru BRZ

  Alex was recently announced as the winner for throtl Dream Build #2! As the winner of #throtldreambuild2, Alex got his car shipped out to San Diego California to be fully modified by the throtl team. When Alex's car arrived, it was a mostly-stock 2014 Subaru BRZ. As soon as the car arrived at the throtl headquarters, the team immediately got to work on some modifications. Alex's car got the works with some new interior, exterior, and performance-based modifications. Interior Modifications For the interior of the BRZ, we installed a custom black suede headliner, throtl shift knob, and a new audio system from OEM Audio+. The OEM Audio+ system sounds significantly better than the factory audio system. This made it way more enjoyable to listen to music in the BRZ. The Opelite Optics headliner had a space theme with led shooting stars that lit up the roof of the BRZ, adding a nice bit of style to the interior. The new throtl shift knob was the cherry on top for interior modificati

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5 Sports Cars That Shaped An Era!

Cars aside, The 90’s were an incredible decade. If you weren’t around to experience them we feel very sorry for you. Whether you were present or not, we wanted to share a quick list of the five affordable sports minded vehicles we think shaped the era. These are all vehicles that are still wildly desirable to this day. Maybe even more so! We know we wouldn’t kick any of them out of the garage!

Toyota Supra Turbo 

Some say it’s over rated as of late, but how can you argue with a 320hp coupe that loves to be driven fast and is quite comfy inside as well. Most sports car fanatics are still beside themselves since the Supra's demise, which is a big reason why it is likely to be reincarnated soon. As with many autos, as it grew in age it grew in beauty. Case in point, the venerable Mk4 was chosen to be the hero car from now cult automotive series Fast & Furious. Enough said.

Acura NSX

The NSX was the car that proved that a “supercar” didn’t need to be attached to an insane price tag. It’s exotic car good looks, engineering feats not found on “average” automakers marks, Honda’s legendary reliability, and a price tag that at the time was well under $100,000. And, oh yea, did we mention the car was created with feedback from legendary racer Ayrton Senna himself? What a machine!

BMW M Coupe 

The second generation E36 M3 was an awesome car, and many M enthusiasts will likely persecute us for not including it on this list, the M Coupe was an equally good performer, but with the now famous “clown shoe” side profile that BMW hasn’t sold in the U.S. since. It’s soooo good!

Mazda RX-7

Arguably it’s finest generation, Mazda’s lightweight, rotary-powered machine matured a lot with the third generation FD3S RX-7, and it became so much more than just a sports coupe. It was capable of hanging with the best of ‘em, and was easily turned into a badass track car for the truly dedicated, but it was also the kind of car your doctor could have taken his wife to dinner in. For a Mazda in the early '90s, that was pretty impressive. And, we think it still looks as good today as it did during it’s production years!

F-150 Lightning 

You weren’t expecting this one! And you can thank the early 90's GMC Syclone/Typhoon for spawning the idea of a factory built "sports truck". This SVT F-150 first dropped in 1994 as a somewhat “suped-up” pick-em-up truck, but when it returned in 1999, it meant business. Packing a 360hp supercharged 5.4L V8 similar to that of a Ford GT, resulting in a truck that could be driven more like a sports sedan than a furniture mover. We LOVE these things!!

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