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Surprising our SUBSCRIBER with his DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation): 2014 Subaru BRZ

  Alex was recently announced as the winner for throtl Dream Build #2! As the winner of #throtldreambuild2, Alex got his car shipped out to San Diego California to be fully modified by the throtl team. When Alex's car arrived, it was a mostly-stock 2014 Subaru BRZ. As soon as the car arrived at the throtl headquarters, the team immediately got to work on some modifications. Alex's car got the works with some new interior, exterior, and performance-based modifications. Interior Modifications For the interior of the BRZ, we installed a custom black suede headliner, throtl shift knob, and a new audio system from OEM Audio+. The OEM Audio+ system sounds significantly better than the factory audio system. This made it way more enjoyable to listen to music in the BRZ. The Opelite Optics headliner had a space theme with led shooting stars that lit up the roof of the BRZ, adding a nice bit of style to the interior. The new throtl shift knob was the cherry on top for interior modificati

Dodge Wants the Hellcat back, but we had other plans...


Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Some of you may remember when Dodge gave us the Hellcat Challenger Redeye to build and race at Roadkill Nights in Michigan.

Dodge recently reached out and told us that they want the chassis back, but that doesn't mean we can't keep everything else from the car. In today's episode of throtl, we take apart the Dodge Hellcat and remove any major pieces that we could use in the future. Check it out for yourself in the video below! Let us know what we should do with the drivetrain in the comment section.

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